Nour - Solar Engineer

Nour - Solar Engineer

Hi, my name is Nour, I am a Solar Engineer within power systems technologies and renewable, I’ve been with the company for 9 months and I’m Saudi born and raised in Dhahran.

We’re basically setting different renewable energy technologies because it is the major focus of the Kingdom and the Company, we’re also setting the market, we’re setting the possibility of deploying different renewable energy projects across the Kingdom and the world, we’re also doing a lot of research, a lot of project development as well.

I’m also part of the power systems youth team which focuses on the development of young professionals and young leaders. I am part of the technology assessment, market intelligence and project development team. I am very proud to be one of the first Saudi female Solar specialists in the company.

I am currently working with a very diverse team, people from different countries, different cultures, different background experiences and it’s very motivating to be part of such a international and energetic team who is seeking to be the best in its field.

Within the next few years my aim is to be an expert in the Solar industry especially in the technology assessment and manufacturing side.

I also hope to be an inspiration to others.

It’s definitely the right time to join Saudi Aramco, the company is changing and transforming and the direction the company is approaching is fascinating and exciting.

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